AS 61184:2022


Bayonet lampholders (IEC 61184:2017 (ED. 4.1) MOD)

Published by Standards Australia, 05/13/2021


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AS 61184, 2nd, 2022 – Bayonet lampholders (IEC 61184:2017 (ED. 4.1) MOD)

AS 61184 was prepared by the Australian members of the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee, EL-041, Lamps and Related Equipment, to supersede AS 61184:2015, Bayonet lampholders (IEC 61184, Ed. 3.1 (2011) MOD).

AS 61184:2015 will also remain current for three years after the date of publication of this document and after this time it will be superseded by AS 61184:2022. Regulatory authorities that reference this document in regulation may apply these requirements at a different time. Users of this document shouldconsult with these authorities to confirm their requirements.

This document will also operate in parallel with AS/NZS 3117, Approval and test specification—Bayonet lampholders. While this document (AS 61184:2022) and AS/NZS 3117 operate in parallel, they are separate standalone documents and the chosen Standard (i.e. AS 61184 or AS/NZS 3117) is applied in its entirety. The interchanging of requirements from each Standard is not permitted to determine overall compliance of a bayonet lampholder, except when either Standard specifically references the other Standard’s requirements.

The objective of this document is to specify particular requirements for bayonet lampholders used in general purpose lighting. The essential safety requirements of AS/NZS 3820, Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment, that could be applicable to bayonet lampholders are covered by this document, taken in conjunction with any other relevant requirements affecting safety.
The major changes in this edition are as follows:

(a) Creepage and clearance — a note in Table 8 has been added in relation to tracking on glass, ceramic and other inorganic materials.

(b) The calculation method in Clause 21 for ball pressure has been deleted.

This document is an adoption with national modifications and has been reproduced from the red line version of IEC 61184:2017+AMD1:2019 CSV, Bayonet lampholders, and has been varied as indicated to take account of Australian conditions. The variations listed in Appendix ZZ address issues including resistance to flame and ignition. Appendix ZZ has been added at the end of the source text. The variations described in Appendix ZZ form the Australian variations for the purpose of the CB Scheme for recognition of testing to standards for safety of electrical equipment (the CB Scheme).

This document is structured as follows:

(i) Preface.

(ii) IEC 61184:2017+AMD1:2019 CSV (unedited red line version from the contents page to the final clause of the source document).

(iii) Appendix ZZ — Australian variations to the source document.

As this document has been reproduced from an International Standard, a full point substitutes for a comma when referring to a decimal marker. Australian or Australian/New Zealand Standards that are identical adoptions of international normative references may be used interchangeably. Refer to the online catalogue for information on specific Standards.

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