AS 62689.2:2022


Current and voltage sensors or detectors, to be used for fault passage indication purposes System aspects (IEC 62689-2:2016, MOD)

Published by Standards Australia, 08/19/2022


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AS 62689.2, 1st, 2022 – Current and voltage sensors or detectors, to be used for fault passage indication purposes, Part 2: System aspects (IEC 62689-2:2016, MOD)

AS 62689.2 was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee EL-013, Measurement and
Protection Transformers.
The objective of this document is to describe electric phenomena and electric system behaviour during
faults, according to the most widely diffused distribution system architecture and to fault typologies,
to define the functional requirements for fault passage indicators (FPI) and distribution substation
units (DSU) (including their current and/or voltage sensors), which are, respectively, a device or a
device/combination of devices and/or of functions able to detect faults and provide indications about
their localization.
A list of all parts in the 62689 series can be found in the Standards Australia online catalogue.
This document is an adoption with national modifications, and has been reproduced from,
IEC 62689‑2:2016, Current and voltage sensors or detectors, to be used for fault passage indication
purposes — Part 1: System aspects. The modifications are additional requirements and are set out in
Appendix ZZ, which has been added at the end of the source text.
Appendix ZZ lists the modifications to IEC 62689‑2:2016, for the application of this document
in Australia.
As this document has been reproduced from an International document, the following applies:
(a) In the source text “this part of IEC 62689” should read “this document”.
(b) A full point substitutes for a comma when referring to a decimal marker.
Australian or Australian/New Zealand Standards that are identical adoptions of international
normative references may be used interchangeably. Refer to the online catalogue for information on
specific Standards.
The terms “normative” and “informative” are used in Standards to define the application of the
appendices or annexes to which they apply. A “normative” appendix or annex is an integral part of a
Standard, whereas an “informative” appendix or annex is only for information and guidance.

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