AWS B1.10M/B1.10


Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds

Published by American Welding Society (AWS), 08/29/2016


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AWS B1.10M/B1.10, 5th Edition – Guide for the Nondestructive Examination of Welds

AWS B1.10 provides a reference guide for the kinds of nondestructive examination methods that are used to verify that welds meet the requirements of a code or specification. The nondestructive examination methods described are:

(1) Visual (VT)

(2) Liquid Penetrant (PT)

(3) Magnetic Particle (MT)

(4) Radiographic (RT)

(5) Ultrasonic (UT)

(6) Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) (ET)

(7) Leak (LT)

The types of discontinuities detected with each method and their causes are discussed. Acceptance criteria are not addressed in this standard. Requirements for nondestructive examination and acceptance criteria should be specified in procurement documents prior to the award of contracts.

Principal factors to consider when choosing an examination method are the advantages and limitations of the method, anticipated type and size of discontinuity, acceptance standards, and cost. Annex A is a guide to process selection.

General Product Information:

Edition 5th Edition
Document Type PDF
Pages 74
Document Language English
Publisher American Welding Society (AWS)
Status Current


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