IPC 6012


Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards

 Revision E

Includes all amendments and changes through Amendment 1, March 2022

Published by IPC International, 02/01/2020


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IPC 6012, Revision E – Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards

This specification establishes and defines the qualification and performance requirements for the fabrication of rigid printed boards.


The purpose of this specification is to provide requirements for qualification and performance of rigid printed boards based on the following constructions and/or technologies. These requirements apply to the finished product unless otherwise specified:

• Single-sided, double-sided printed boards with or without plated-through holes (PTHs).

• Multilayer printed boards with PTHs with or without buried/blind vias/microvias.

• Active/passive embedded circuitry printed boards with distributive capacitive planes and/or capacitive or resistive components.

• Metal core printed boards with or without an external metal heat frame, which may be active or non-active.

Supporting Documentation

IPC A 600, which contains figures, illustrations and photographs that can aid in the visualization of externally and internally observable acceptable/nonconforming conditions, may be used in conjunction with this specification for a more complete understanding of the recommendations and requirements.

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Revision Revision E
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Pages 144
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