SAE J2530


Aftermarket Wheels – Passenger Cars and Light Truck – Performance Requirements and Test Procedures

Published by SAE International, 09/21/2021


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SAE J2530, 2021 Edition – Aftermarket Wheels – Passenger Cars and Light Truck – Performance Requirements and Test Procedures


Editorial changes made to improve grammar and SAE procedure. Added reference to new composite wheel testing: SAE J3204. Revised stamping specification to allow other permanent markings without having to either emboss or stamp into the wheel. Changed the special restriction wheel use stamping example to “limited use spare only”. Added to radial test criteria/test termination the statement that all bolts must be replaced if lug bolts are replaced to match the cornering test criteria.


This SAE Recommended Practice provides performance, sampling, certifying requirements, test procedures, and marking requirements for aftermarket wheels intended for normal highway use on passenger cars, light trucks, and multipurpose passenger vehicles. For aftermarket wheels on trailers drawn by passenger cars, light trucks, or multipurpose vehicles, refer to SAE J1204. These performance requirements apply only to wheels made of materials included in Tables 1 and 2. For wheels using composite material, refer to SAE J3204. New nomenclature and terms are added to clarify wheel constructions typically not used in OEM applications. The testing procedures and requirements are based on SAE standards listed in the references.

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