Recommended Practice for Drilling and Well Servicing Operations Involving Hydrogen Sulfide

Includes all amendments and changes through Reaffirmation Notice , January 2013

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 05/01/2001


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API 49, 3rd Edition – Recommended Practice for Drilling and Well Servicing Operations Involving Hydrogen Sulfide

Recommendations set forth in this publication apply to oil and gas well drilling and servicing operations involving hydrogen sulÞde. These operations include well drilling, completion, servicing, workover, downhole maintenance, and plug and abandonment procedures conducted with hydrogen sulÞde present in the ßuids being handled. Coverage of this publication is applicable to operations conÞned to the original wellbore or original total depth and applies to the selection of materials for installation or use in the well and in the well drilling or servicing operation(s). The presence of hydrogen sulÞde in these operations also presents the possibility of exposure to sulfur dioxide from the combustion of hydrogen sulfide. Refer to Section 4 for applicability of this standard.

This standard addresses personnel training, personnel protective equipment, contingency planning and emergency procedures, classiÞcation of locations, materials and equipment, operations, rig practices, special operations, offshore operations, characteristics of hydrogen sulÞde and sulfur dioxide, and evaluation and selection of hydrogen sulÞde monitoring equipment

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