Specification for Wellhead and Tree Equipment

Twenty-First Edition

Includes Errata 1 (2019), Errata 2 (2020), Errata 3 (2020), Errata 4 (2021), Addendum 1 (2020), Addendum 2 (2021), and Addendum 3 (2022)

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 10/31/2018


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API SPEC 6A, 21st Edition, November 2018 – Specification for Wellhead and Tree Equipment

Please note that any addenda or errata may not be included in translated editions of this standard.

This document specifies requirements for the performance, dimensional and functional interchangeability, design, materials, testing, inspection, welding, marking, handling, storing, shipment, purchasing, repair, and remanufacture of wellhead and tree equipment for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries. This document does not apply to field use, field testing, or field repair of wellhead and Christmas tree equipment.

This document is applicable to the following specific equipment: wellhead equipment (integral, blind, and test flanges; ring gaskets; threaded connectors; tees and crosses; bullplugs; valve-removal plugs; standard and nonstandard top connectors; crossover connectors; other end connectors; adapter spools and spacer spools; gate, plug, and ball valves; actuated valves [manual and remote]; check valves [swing- and lift-type]; back-pressure valves; slip-type and mandrel-type casing and tubing hangers, casing and tubing heads [housings and adapters]; chokes [fixed, manually actuated, remotely actuated]; actuators [for valves and chokes]; surface safety valve (SSV) assemblies, valves prepared for actuators, and actuators; underwater safety valve [USV] assemblies, valves prepared for actuators, and actuators; boarding shutdown valve [BSDV] assemblies, valves prepared for actuators, and actuators; and tree assemblies).

This document defines service conditions in terms of pressure, temperature, and material class for the well-bore constituents, and operating conditions. This international standard establishes requirements for four product specification levels (PSL). These four PSL designations define different levels of technical quality requirements.

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Revision 21st Edition
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