Material Verification Program for New and Existing Assets

Fourth Edition

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 02/01/2023


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API RP 578, 4th Edition – Material Verification Program for New and Existing Assets


The purpose of API 578 is to provide recommended practices for an owner/operator to develop and implement a material verification program (MVP) as part of an asset integrity program. The MVP uses positive material identification (PMI) and other testing and administrative methods to verify that the nominal composition of an asset, an asset component, or weldment (or any other tested item) is consistent with the selected or specified construction materials.

A well-designed and well-implemented MVP is an important management system used to minimize the potential for release of hazardous substances due to nonconforming materials of construction.

About This Document

API 578 addresses MVPs involving ferrous and nonferrous alloys during the construction, installation, maintenance, and inspection of new and existing process equipment. It applies to metallic materials purchased for use either directly by the owner/operator or indirectly, through distributors, fabricators, or contractors, and includes the supply, fabrication, and installation of these materials.

This recommended practice is applicable to all refining and petrochemical industries and may be applied in other industries and or businesses at the discretion of the owner/operator. It is intended to be applied by any owner/operator wishing to verify and/or validate that the materials of construction received, fabricated, and/or installed are in accordance with purchase documents and/or company specification(s).

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