Safe Operation of Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Units

Fifth Edition

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 08/01/2021


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API RP 751, 5th Edition, August 2021 – Safe Operation of Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Units

API 571 provides requirements (shall) and recommendations (should) for practices and procedures related to safety, operations, design, inspection, and maintenance to support the safe and reliable operation of hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation units. Topics include hazard management; operating procedures and worker protection; materials, construction, inspection, and work practices; transportation and inventory control; pressure-relief, product treatment, and utility systems; and risk mitigation.

API 571 contains requirements and recommendations that have been found effective based on broad industry acceptance, proven effective industry practices, testing, and regulatory requirements.

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Revision 5th Edition
Document Type PDF
Pages 181
Document Language English
Publisher American Petroleum Institute (API)
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