Linings of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Bottoms

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 05/01/2020


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API RP 652, May 2020 – Linings of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Bottoms

API 652(RP) provides guidance on achieving effective corrosion control in aboveground storage tanks by application of tank bottom linings. It contains information pertinent to the selection of lining materials, surface preparation, lining application, cure, and inspection of tank bottom linings for existing and new storage tanks. In many cases, tank bottom linings have proven to be an effective method of preventing internal corrosion of steel tank bottoms.

The intent of this RP is to provide information and guidance specific to aboveground steel storage tanks in hydrocarbon service. Certain practices recommended herein may also be applicable to tanks in other services. This RP is intended to serve only as a guide. Detailed tank bottom lining specifications are not included.

Because of the wide variety of service environments, this RP does not designate specific tank bottom linings for every situation.

NACE No.10/SSPC-PA 6 and NACE No. 11/SSPC-PA 8 are industry consensus standards for installation of linings on tank bottoms and vessels. They are written in compulsory language and contain specific criteria intended for use by persons who provide written specifications for tank and vessel linings. These documents should be given consideration when designing and installing a lining system for steel bottom tanks.

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