Specification for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment

Includes all amendments and changes through Addendum 1, December 2022

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 09/30/2021


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API 17D, December 2021 – Specification for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment

API 17D provides specifications for subsea wellheads, mudline wellheads, drill-through mudline wellheads, and both vertical and horizontal subsea trees. It specifies the associated tooling necessary to handle, test, and install the equipment. It also specifies the areas of design, material, welding, quality control [including factory acceptance testing (FAT)], marking, storing, and shipping for individual equipment, subassemblies, and subsea tree assemblies.

The user/purchaser is responsible for ensuring that subsea equipment meets any additional requirements of governmental regulations for the country in which it is installed. This is outside the scope of this specification.

This specification is not applicable to the rework and repair of used equipment.

In situ testing is beyond the scope of this specification.

System integration test (SIT) is beyond the scope of this specification.

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