AS 2088:2022


Prams and strollers – Safety requirements

Published by Standards Australia, 06/23/2022


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AS 2088, 1st, 2022 – Prams and strollers – Safety requirements

AS 2088 was prepared by the Australian members of the joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee CS-020, Prams and Strollers, to supersede AS/NZS 2088:2013. After consultation with stakeholders in both countries, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand decided to develop this document as an Australian Standard rather than an Australian/New Zealand Standard.

The objective of this document is to provide manufacturers, authorities, and others with minimum safety requirements in order to reduce the likelihood of injury to children.

The major changes in this edition are as follows:

(a) Expansion of the scope to include convertible vehicles and other vehicles designed to transport a child in a seated position and excludes certain products.

(b) Introduction of definitions for terms associated with frame fold locking.

(c) Specification of child accessible zones in the vehicle.

(d) Extension of requirements for finger entrapment hazards to include certain sizes of openings.

(e) Addition of requirements for parking brake actuators on vehicles with reversible handles.

(f) Additional testing configurations to the stability test.

(g) A new method for measuring the angle of the reclined backrest and seat.

The terms “normative” and “informative” are used in Standards to define the application of the appendices to which they apply. A “normative” appendix is an integral part of a Standard, whereas an “informative” appendix is only for information and guidance.

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Committee CS-020
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Document Type PDF
ISBN 978 1 76113 859 1
Pages 91
Document Language English
Publisher Standards Australia
Status Current


Table of cotents

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Child accessible parts
4.1 General
4.2 Zone accessible from the seat
4.2.1 General
4.2.2 Inclusions and exclusions
4.3 Zone accessible from the pram body
4.3.1 General
4.3.2 Inclusions and exclusions
5 Dimensions
6 Materials
6.1 Toxicity
6.2 Corrosion
7 Accessories
7.1 General
7.2 Child restraints
7.3 Toys
8 Construction
8.1 Objects which could make contact with a child’s head
8.2 Finger entrapment hazards
8.3 Reversible handles
8.4 Footrest
8.5 Removable components
8.6 Parking brakes
8.6.1 General
8.6.2 Parking brake actuator
8.7 Locking devices
8.7.1 Frame fold locking devices General Separate primary locking device Separate secondary locking device Combined primary and secondary locking device
8.7.2 Actuators for frame fold locking devices and latching devices
8.7.3 Storage latch
8.8 Occupant retention
8.8.1 Harness configuration
8.8.2 Shoulder straps
8.8.3 Waist straps
8.8.4 Crotch strap
8.9 Head barrier
8.10 Foot end openings
8.11 Seating and reclining surface
8.12 Toddler platform
8.13 Tether strap
8.14 Hazardous gaps and openings that can injure persons other than the occupant
9 Performance requirements
9.1 Durability
9.1.1 Static durability
9.1.2 Dynamic durability
9.1.3 Kerb mounting durability
9.2 Projections
9.3 Hazardous sharp edges
9.4 Hazardous sharp points
9.5 Hazardous gaps and openings that can injure the occupant
9.6 Parking brakes
9.6.1 General
9.6.2 Durability
9.6.3 Efficiency
9.6.4 Resistance to rolling
9.6.5 Automatic parking brake
9.7 Occupant retention
9.7.1 Harness assembly
9.7.2 Head barrier
9.7.3 Foot end openings
9.8 Stability
9.8.1 General stability
9.8.2 Vehicles with reclining backrests or seats
9.9 Security of wheels
9.10 Security of reversible handle engagement
9.11 Security of frame fold locking devices
9.12 Security of latching devices for accessories
9.13 Connection of child restraint
9.14 Toddler platform
9.15 Other accessories
10 Testing
11 Packaging and instructions
11.1 Plastic packaging
11.2 Markings on the packaging
11.3 Printed instructions
11.3.1 General
11.3.2 Content
12 Marking
12.1 General
12.1.1 Identification markings
12.1.2 Warning notices
12.1.3 Additional warning notices
12.1.4 Markings on accessories
12.2 Legibility of marking
12.3 Adhesive labels and printed-on markings
12.4 Fabric warning labels
12.5 Durability of marking
Appendix A
A.1 Scope
A.2 Principle
A.3 Apparatus
A.4 Procedure
Appendix B
B.1 Scope
B.2 Principle
B.3 Apparatus
B.4 Procedure
B.5 Report
Appendix C
C.1 Scope
C.2 Principle
C.3 Apparatus
C.4 Procedure
C.5 Report
Appendix D
D.1 Scope
D.2 Principle
D.3 Apparatus
D.4 Procedure
D.5 Report
Appendix E
E.1 Scope
E.2 Principle
E.3 Apparatus
E.4 Procedure
E.5 Report
Appendix F
F.1 Scope
F.2 Principle
F.3 Apparatus
F.4 Procedure
F.5 Report
Appendix G
G.1 Scope
G.2 Principle
G.3 Apparatus
G.4 Procedure
G.5 Interpretation of results
G.6 Report
Appendix H
H.1 Scope
H.2 Principle
H.3 Apparatus
H.4 Procedure
H.5 Interpretation of results
H.6 Report
Appendix I
I.1 Scope
I.2 Principle
I.3 Procedure
I.4 Report
Appendix J
J.1 Scope
J.2 Principle
J.3 Apparatus
J.4 Procedure
J.5 Report
Appendix K
K.1 Scope
K.2 Principle
K.3 Apparatus
K.4 Procedure
K.5 Report
Appendix L
L.1 Scope
L.2 Principle
L.3 Apparatus
L.4 Procedure
L.5 Report
Appendix M
M.1 Scope
M.2 Principle
M.3 Apparatus
M.4 Procedure
M.5 Report
Appendix N
N.1 Scope
N.2 Principle
N.3 Apparatus
N.4 Procedure
N.5 Report
Appendix O
O.1 Scope
O.2 Principle
O.3 Apparatus
O.4 Procedure
O.5 Report
Appendix P
P.1 Scope
P.2 Principle
P.3 Apparatus
P.4 Procedure
P.5 Report
Appendix Q
Q.1 Scope
Q.2 Principle
Q.3 Apparatus
Q.4 Procedure
Q.5 Report
Appendix R
Appendix S
S.1 Scope
S.2 Principle
S.3 Apparatus
S.4 Procedure
S.5 Report
Appendix T
T.1 Scope
T.2 Principle
T.3 Apparatus
T.4 Procedure
T.5 Report
Appendix U
U.1 Scope
U.2 Principle
U.3 Apparatus
U.4 Procedure
U.5 Report
Appendix V
V.1 Scope
V.2 Principle
V.3 Apparatus
V.4 Procedure
V.5 Report
Appendix W
W.1 Scope
W.2 Principle
W.3 Apparatus
W.4 Procedure
W.5 Report
Appendix X
X.1 Scope
X.2 Principle
X.3 Apparatus
X.4 Procedure
X.5 Report