AS 5348:2022


Pool covers

Published by Standards Australia, 12/02/2021


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AS 5348, 1st, 2022 – Pool covers

AS 5348:2022 sets out a series of tests and performance benchmarks for pool covers that represent the majority of those available today. This document does not apply to any pool cover used as an alternative to swimming pool safety barriers, liquid type covers and building structures over pools.

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Committee CS-028
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Pages 31
Document Language English
Publisher Standards Australia
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Table of cotents

1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Normative references
2 Terms and definitions
3 Pool cover testing
4 Bubble/solar cover tests
4.1 Minimum gauge test
4.1.1 Principle
4.1.2 Test sample
4.1.3 Test equipment
4.1.4 Preparation for testing
4.1.5 Test method
4.1.6 Required test result
4.2 Tensile strength test
4.3 Tear strength test
4.4 Puncture resistance test
4.5 Light exposure performance test
4.6 Buoyancy test
4.6.1 Test sample
4.6.2 Test equipment
4.6.3 Test Conditions
4.6.4 Bubbles per sqm calculation
4.6.5 Test method
4.6.6 Required test result
4.7 Thermal performance test
4.8 Lamination test
4.9 Water vapor transmission test
5 Foam pool cover tests
5.1 Tensile strength test
5.2 Tear strength test
5.3 Buoyancy test
5.4 Thermal performance test
5.5 Light exposure performance test
5.6 Water vapor transmission test
5.7 Water absorption test
5.7.1 General
5.7.2 Test method
5.7.3 Calculations
5.7.4 Test result
5.8 Lamination test
6 Mesh pool cover tests
6.1 Water vapor transmission test
6.2 Grab tensile strength test
6.3 Shading
6.4 Thread life
7 Slat pool covers tests
7.1 Thermal performance test
7.2 Water vapor transmission test
8 Spa cover tests
8.1 Thermal performance test
8.2 Water Vapor Transmission test
9 Statements of conformity
Appendix A
A.1 Measuring for a pool cover
A.1.1 Solar pool, thermal pool and slat covers
A.1.2 Spa areas
A.1.3 Complex surface areas
A.2 Installation
A.2.1 General
A.2.2 Bubble pool, foam pool and slat covers
A.2.3 Mesh pool covers
A.2.4 Securing systems
A.2.5 Spa (or pool) hard cover
A.3 Instructions
A.3.1 Manufacture instruction
A.3.2 User instructions
A.4 Pool cover removal systems
A.4.1 General
A.4.2 Roller systems
A.5 Removing pool covers
A.5.1 Pool cover use
A.5.2 Pool cover instructions
A.6 Pool cover maintenance
A.6.1 Manufacture instructions
A.6.2 Adding chemicals with pool covers
A.6.3 Reinstalling pool cover after super chlorination
A.7 Swimming pool pump running
A.8 Maintenance of the cover
A.8.1 Debris on pool cover
A.8.2 Pool cover damage
A.9 Storage
A.9.1 Bubble pool cover storage
A.9.2 Foam, slat, mesh and spa cover storage
A.9.3 General Pool cover storage
Appendix B
B.1 Calculation of pool heating load
B.1.1 General
B.1.2 Evaporation heat loss
B.1.3 Radiation heat loss
B.1.4 Convection heat loss
B.1.5 Solar radiation heat gain
B.1.6 Effect of pool covers on heat loss
B.1.6.1 General
B.1.6.2 Evaporative heat loss with cover
B.1.6.3 Radiation heat loss with cover
B.1.6.4 Convective heat loss with cover
B.1.6.5 Solar radiation heat gain with a cover
B.1.6.6 Time of use of cover
B.2 Example climate data