General requirements for components used in drains and sewers

2022 Edition

Published by British Standards Institution, 05/31/2022


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BS EN 476, 2022 Edition – General requirements for components used in drains and sewers

BS 476 specifies general requirements to be respected in product standards for components such as pipes, fittings, inspection chambers and manholes with their respective joints intended for use in drains and sewers inside and outside buildings which operate as gravity systems allowing for a maximum pressure of 40 kPa.

It also specifies general requirements for components used in hydraulically and pneumatically pressurized pipes, drains and sewers.

NOTE 1 Where the term “inside buildings” is used in the context of components fixed inside buildings, it also includes pipes and fittings fixed on external surfaces of buildings.

NOTE 2 This document is not a product standard and therefore not intended for the direct evaluation of products.

BS 476 covers components to be used in conveying in a satisfactory manner:

— domestic wastewater;

— rainwater and surface water;

— other wastewater acceptable for discharge into the system.

This document is applicable to components of circular and other cross sections.

This document is equally applicable to components which are factory-made and to those constructed on site, where applicable.

NOTE 3 This document does not apply to components used for trenchless construction according to EN 14457 and for components used for renovation of drains and sewers according to EN 13380.

This document does not supersede the functional requirements of a complete system as defined in EN 752.

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