Technical product documentation and specification

2020 Edition

Published by British Standards Institution, January 31, 2020


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BS 8888, 2020 Edition – Technical product documentation and specification

What is BS 8888 – Technical product documentation about?

BS 8888 is a British Standard that aims to convey all or part of a design definition or specification of a product and their component parts using engineering drawings.

Adopting BS 8888 as a guide can facilitate the use of the ISO system.

This British Standard specifies requirements for technical product documentation and specification, principally for manufacturing industries and organizations associated with engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, nuclear, automotive and, aerospace and medical devices.

Who is BS 8888 – Technical product documentation for?

BS 8888 on technical product documentation and specification is relevant to:

  • Electrical industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical device industry

Why should you use BS 8888 – Technical product documentation?

BS 8888 consists of an implementation of the ISO system for technical product documentation and specification. The ISO system is defined by many interlinked and related international standards which are referenced in BS 8888.

BS 8888 facilitates the use of the ISO system by providing an index to the international standards which make up the ISO system, referencing them according to their area of application.

BS 8888 provides the technical specification of products and their component parts using engineering drawings, manually produced (2D), or created using CAD systems and 3D modelling. It exemplifies detailed dimension plans which include angular dimensions, dimension values, and positioning of the dimensional values enabling the user to have a clear and accurate perspective.

BS 8888 gives references to additional British and European standards where they provide information or guidance over and above that provided by ISO standards and commentary and recommendations on the application of the standards where this is deemed useful.

What’s changed since the last update?

BS 8888:2020 supersedes BS 8888:2017. BS 8888:2020 is a full revision that introduces relevant international standards published since the 2017 edition.

General Product Information:

Revision 2020 Edition
Document Type PDF
Document Language English
ISBN 9780539026825
Pages 214
Publisher British Standards Institution (BSI)
Status Current
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