SAE J1940


Small Engine Power and Torque Rating Procedure

Published by SAE International, 10/15/2012


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SAE J1940, 2012 Edition – Small Engine Power and Torque Rating Procedure

SAE J1940 provides a single method for determining and reporting the power and torque ratings of small engines. Using this procedure to provide small engine rating information is useful for comparing the power and torque ratings of various engines. This procedure depends on two primary SAE test procedures to measure engine power and torque; SAE J1349 (Net) and SAE J1995 (Gross) Engine Power Test Codes, which correct the measured test data to standardized test conditions. Using these well known engine test procedures helps ensure consistent and comparable test results and engine ratings.


This SAE Standard is applicable to small spark ignition and compression ignition engines, having a maximum of 1.0 L swept volume displacement, powering off-road applications such as lawn and garden, construction, general utility equipment, and off-highway recreational vehicles. It is not intended to cover engines powering on-road vehicles, motorcycles, or boats.

General Product Information:

Revision 2012 Edition
Document Type PDF
Document Language English
Pages 3
Publisher SAE International (SAE)
Status Current