API RP 1184


Pipeline Facility Construction Inspection

1st Edition

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 10/01/2021


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API 1184, 1st Edition – Pipeline Facility Construction Inspection

API 1184 practice covers the basic requirements and their associated references needed to perform inspection activities safely and effectively during onshore transmission pipeline facility construction. This recommended practice provides the details related to the role of the operator’s pipeline facility construction inspector (“inspector”) in terms of monitoring and inspection requirements throughout the life cycle of the pipeline facility construction process. This document is written to address general inspection duties. Areas of specialty inspection are noted and are beyond the scope of this document (e.g., in-line inspection and anomaly evaluation are not included in this document’s scope). This includes basic knowledge of, and where to find, detailed information related to each facet of pipeline facility construction inspection activities.

The scope of this document is limited to gas and liquid pipeline facility construction. Specifically, content is focused on those items that are relevant to the role of an inspector as they relate to best practices within the industry in the United States and Canada. This document provides inspectors with background and context, beyond existing regulation, regarding best practices in the industry. Whereas the content is organized in a manner consistent with construction of new facilities, where relevant, the content can also be applied to construction associated with existing facilities (e.g., maintenance-related activities). This document is not intended to be fully comprehensive of all systems that may be located within a pipeline transportation facility.

Users of this document include operators and those individuals either engaged in facility construction inspection or seeking to become certified inspectors. Operators and facility pipeline inspection service companies may also use this document to develop their inspection processes and responsibilities for inspectors, and to develop and enhance their inspector training programs.

This recommended practice was based on The Practical Guide for Facilities Construction Inspectors, developed in partnership by the INGAA Foundation and the CEPA Foundation.

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