API RP 1604


Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

 4th Edition

Published by American Petroleum Institute, 02/01/2021


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API RP 1604, 4th Edition – Closure of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

This recommended practice covers procedures for the closure in place, removal, storage, and off-site disposal of underground storage tank (UST) systems that have contained petroleum liquids. In general, it outlines requirements, procedures, and operating conditions to be followed by contractors, engineers, and other individuals who may be involved in these practices. While this recommended practice specifically addresses underground petroleum storage tank systems at service station facilities, the principles outlined may be applied to similar systems used at other petroleum storage facilities. In addition, the principles may be applied to specialized chemicals not specifically addressed by this recommended practice, taking into account the appropriate differences in physical, chemical, and human and environmental effects that may be hazardous.

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Revision 4th
Document Type PDF
Pages 22
Document Language English
Publisher American Petroleum Institute (API)
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